Zombie Puppies – A battle card game on Kickstarter for fans of Exploding Kittens

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Zombie Puppies – a barktastic language-independent
strategic battle card game

(Berlin, DE) September 24, 2021. Zombie Puppies, a German owned and family-friendly battle card game, announces that it is officially set to launch a Kickstarter campaign in October, 2021. The Story: An Ebola research lab in Luanda, Angola in the 1980s. Through unfortunate chained circumstances (a professor, a snail and a cat are said to have been involved), a deadly virus breaks out, infecting only cute puppy dogs and mutating them into zombies! You can play this dynamic card game with 2-5 players, regardless of their language. Zombie Puppies can be learned in 5-10 minutes, requires strategic thinking, and gives you a whole new card game experience. You will definitely want to play it again and again and again.

Watch the official Zombie Puppies trailer on YouTube now:

Lana Lutz (33), product designer and co-founder of Zombie Puppies: “Right before corona started, I had this idea to create a game on my own because as a product designer I always wanted to design something completely from scratch and bring it to the market.” When asked to elaborate she said, “I thought it would be a great opportunity to start a project with friends and create something that would bring joy to many people, while also having fun during development” Nikolas Reichardt (30), the second co-founder of Zombie Puppies said, “I grew up in a family where board and card games, besides having dinner together, played an important role in keeping the family together”. Motivated to foster connections and community, Nikolas added, “that’s why we wanted to minimize boundaries such as text to make this game playable with different cultures and players from all over the world together on one table”. Ultimately, the founders both stated, “Going into a world that is limitless was the biggest point that motivated us to create and independently publish this card game.”

And this is how you play it. With Zombie Puppies you acquire a set of cards which consists of healing, action, and infection cards. Each round involves infecting your opponent and protecting or healing yourself. You can win either by keeping your own puppy alive despite being under constant attack or by being the first to get a hold of the healing serum – which is only possible with the right strategy! Surprisingly strategic yet straightforward, this innovative battle card game is purposely designed to bring people the opportunity to connect, laugh, and play no matter what language you speak.

WARNING: By playing this game you are subjecting yourself and others to the brink of insanity or ugly belly-laughs, no in between!

As a thank you for backing, Zombie Puppies is now giving you a chance to enter their 24 hour Give-Away-Challenge. Sign up now to win a game: www.zombiepuppies.com

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