Holiday Gift Guide: Top Amazon Kids’ Game for Holiday 2021: Kids Against Maturity

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Bring joy to your world with Kids Against Maturity

Keep your kids busy and laughing during the holidays and all year round with Kids Against Maturity, a hilarious, award-winning fill-in-the-blank game. With age-appropriate toilet humor for kids and witty layered innuendos for parents, Kids Against Maturity delivers festive fun for the whole family – ideal for parties, travel and sleepovers.

The game is simple to play: All you need is to ‘be the worst to be the best’. Each player gets 10 white answer cards and takes turns asking the blue question cards. Everyone answers each question with their funniest white card choice and places it face down. The question reader chooses what they think is the funniest answer, and the player who placed down that card wins the hand. The player with the highest number of most amusing responses wins the game.

One game set includes 600 cards – a mix of blue question and white answer cards – one rules card, and a compact box to store it all. Expansion packs are also available.

Ages 10+, 3-10 players
$24.99 (after coupon) at Amazon.


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