This Didn’t Happen

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I want to announce my new card game: “This Didn’t Happen.”
This Didn’t Happen is a Card Game made by Island of Bees, an indie games company from Calgary, Canada. It’s a Time-Traveling Card Game where players manipulate the past to prevent an apocalyptic future! Play one of four time travelers as you gather resources, change history, and fiddle around with the time-stream. I’m planning on having a Kickstarter for the game in the future to get it out to the public!

I have a Preview on my website right now that has more information on gameplay and themes. I’m also giving away a Digital Artbook to people who subscribe to our newsletter, as a way of rewarding their interest. I’m looking to get the word out about This Didn’t Happen to as many people as possible, so if you know any lesser-known games-news journalists that we could send this to, it would really help me out!
More information can be found at our website, including a press package:

1-4 Players
Single Player or Cooperative
Lots of Replayability
30 Minute Play Time

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