American Catur LLC announces new App and Board Game

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American Catur LLC announces new App and Board Game
SAN DIEGO, California – Aug. 26th, 2021 9AM PST // Today we are thrilled to announce American Catur Board Game and App has finally entered the arena of gaming. Members can now challenge the War Machine on Android and Apple platforms. We invite all chess players worldwide to get their team ready to play two on two with American Catur. The world has been awaiting the newest evolution of Chess and American Catur sure fits the bill as the most modernized version of the century!
September 11, 2021 | SAN DIEGO, CA -American Catur/CEO Eric Curtis Launches new App
Bringing this game to your home is a way of bringing family, friends and strangers together for a memorable experience. America’s founding ideals—equality, freedom, and self-governance—are worth striving for and celebrating. We are the heritage and purpose we share as a nation. Celebrating those ideals and our commitment to them is the only way to bring people together. By playing American Catur as traditional table top or digitally at your fingertips, you can learn how to earn your place in America’s Elite Fighting Force. Train your brain and transform your life by testing your strategy skillset in a whole new way.
Eric J Curtis CEO and Creator American Catur – “Success is creating a game in which all ages of people, friends and family can enjoy and bring back those forgotten feelings of fun and happiness with smiles and laughter once again!”
Date TBD | SAN DIEGO, CA – American Catur website membership available World-Wide
The American Catur website will be available for registration online to all members. Choose between 3 different tiers to enhance your gameplay and be a part of the AC community. Premium players benefit from exclusive features to have the best game play experience with friends and loved-ones: shortened waiting times to join a game, ability to launch a game with friends & family and engage in audio/video chat.


American Catur was developed in the Fall of 2019 by CEO, Eric Curtis. The game was designed to modernize and amplify chess to our time period while withstanding the principles of equality, freedom and self-governance. The pieces represent the U.S. Military forces and there are new additions to take your gameplay to the next level. Experience over 1,000 different move combinations with the introduction of extra spaces, projectile chips, dice and ability to play two on two. If you don’t have an opponent to play, no worries, the app available on Android and Apple, allows you to play against the War Machine to help savvy up your skills.

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