Board Game Newswire Board Game News and Press Releases Wed, 10 Jan 2024 16:22:24 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Meeple Inc coming to Gamefound! Wed, 10 Jan 2024 16:22:24 +0000 After the success of their last games, Solar 175 and Luddite, which raised over $260,000, Cogito Ergo Meeple are returning to Gamefound in March 2024 to fund the printing of their next game Meeple Inc. Meeple Inc is a Euro style worker placement game for 1 to 6 players. Meeple Inc sees you play as CEO of a board game production company using your meeples to build tiny tabletop games.


In Meeple Inc players take on the role of Board game publishers collecting the perfect mix of artwork, components and mechanisms to build the greatest board games in the world. Enter an alternate 1970’s where meeples and humans have co-existed for millennia. The mix of human ingenuity and meeple industriousness has created a new golden age of tabletop games and you are in the right place at the right time. As CEO of a board game production company, you will be assigning your meeples to jobs across the fabulous board game factory. You will be hiring specialists, crafting components and manufacturing mechanisms all in a bid to publish the most popular games, win tabletop awards and, of course, gain victory points.

Meeple Inc will be delivered with the highest quality of components people have come to expect from Cogito Ergo Meeple products. The base game will have tiny board game boxes, screen printed wooden tokens and triple layer indented miniature board game tables. These even come with their own felt linings! For those who back the Gamefound campaign, a separate deluxe box takes things even further with metal trophies, hundreds of custom wooden upgraded tokens, acrylic standees and even a full wooden board game shelving unit!

Meeple Inc is a fast paced worker placement style game which is quick to learn but offers a rich depth of experience in the gameplay. A huge design emphasis was placed on replayability. With multiple paths to victory, a wide player count and nearly 70,000 unique starting conditions, no two games will ever be the same!

Meeple Inc’s Gamefound campaign will also see the release of the Golden Pear expansion, this will add even more complexity and nuance into games of Meeple Inc. Adding further replayability and more deluxe components including metal miniature pear awards.

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DICE FOR DUNGEONS & DRAGONS USE ADVANCED MATH Sat, 04 Nov 2023 01:13:25 +0000 Set uses advanced mathematics and new polyhedrons to return the results of healing potions with one die.

Ann Arbor, Michigan: Gyld’s new Healing Potion Dice are single polyhedral dice that return results in a normal (Gaussian) distribution according to the results of healing potions in Dungeons & Dragons. That is one die each for 2d4 + 2, 4d4 + 4, 8d4 + 8 and 10d4 + 20 for the four different potencies of healing potion in the game.

Healing Potions are a common item in sessions of Dungeons and Dragons, the world’s most popular role playing game. Players take damage during battle, and quickly chug the potion to regain hit-points. The amount of hit-points regained is determined by a dice-roll—but how many to roll and the bonus number for each size almost always requires looking up the rule. “No matter how many times I use a Healing Potion in my game, I always have to double check how many dice to roll,” Says James Bates-Reich, who designed the dice. “There’s not even a consistent pattern to follow.”

Creating a single die that returns the same results as rolling multiple dice is extremely complicated: rolling multiple dice returns results along a curve. A normal 4-sided-die, or D4, has the same 25% chance to land on any number, where as rolling 2d4 will return a range from 2–8 where 5 appears 25% of the time and 2 or 8 only 6.25%.

“We thought this was going to be pretty easy, but when we started looking for formulas, or physics engines, to determine what shape to use we realized this math didn’t exist.” Says Al McWilliams, Gyld’s Co-Founder. “We tried a bunch of different solutions, but each created more issues than they solved—including dice that would need to be the size of Michigan Stadium.”

James found a solution, “there is some research around how the specific dimensions of a die correlate to the probability for it to land on each face. After brushing up on my spherical trigonometry I was able to write a program that helped brute-force our solution.”

Gordie Garwood, Co-Founder, went on to say “Once we had the 3D models generated from the program, we had a friend print them. Then we rolled the dice 6,000+ times each to check the math, and it works!”

The resulting four irregular polyhedrons represent new shapes that when constructed of homogeneous material will land on each side in the prescribed ratio along a standard distribution curve. Gyld’s healing potion dice have patents pending as Gyld develops an entire line of single-but-many dice for ultra-specific purposes in Dungeons and Dragons.

Gyld is launching a Kickstarter to fund the molds and development of the first run of dice.

About Gyld:
A small company in Ann Arbor, MI focused on developing tools, accessories and software to enhance the experience of tabletop role playing games.

Al McWilliams

320. S. Main st
Ann Arbor, MI

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Authorised Accessory Partner – Tabletopia and Meeple Design Wed, 18 Oct 2023 16:45:53 +0000 Meeple Design are proud to announce that we are an official Authorised Accessory Partner of Tabletopia; the cutting edge digital environment which provides board game geeks with instant access to hundreds of licensed board games. Meeple Design will offer a range of specially designed apparel and posters to fans & users of Tabletopia.

“Tabletopia is innovative and well loved within the tabletop gaming spaces. Over the years Tabletopia has been a perfect way to virtually try out games, play games with our gaming groups that live far apart and ensure we can still play new games even when we’ve run out of space in our home for the physical version.” says Hannah Webb, co-founder of Meeple Design. “We eagerly anticipate forging this partnership to craft an array of distinctive offerings tailored to fans of the Tabletopia platform.”

The first designs are available now on t-shirts, mugs, coasters and mouse mats, which are shipping worldwide, at as part of the Tabletopia collection.

“Tabletopia has always been a digital product but our top priority in making digital board games is letting you play just like in real life. That is why we are especially excited to make one more step into real life and launch a range of real, physical merchandise products together with Meeple Design”, says Tim Bokarev, CEO of Tabletopia.

To celebrate our official Authorised Accessory Partnership with Tabletopia, products in our Tabletopia collection have 10% off, applied automatically at checkout, until 31st October 2023.

Tabletopia joins a growing number of partners working with Meeple Design to create officially licensed accessories for games including; Bright Eye Games, Tabletop Tycoon, City of Games, Czech Games Edition and Bedsit Games. Meeple Design brings a passion for the hobby and their unique experience working with other publishers to create exciting merchandise for fans of Board Gaming.

About Tabletopia
Tabletopia was created in early 2014, by passionate boardgamers with extensive backgrounds in the digital industry. Tabletopia is a sandbox virtual table with more than two thousands of licensed board games and ready setups with the goal to bring the games and the players closer to each other with the help of digital technology. Play how you want with whom you want: guests don’t need accounts to play. Or make your own games, no programming skills required.

About Meeple Design
Meeple Design is a brand dedicated to tabletop gaming created out of a love for the board gaming and TRPG space. We create unique clothing, artwork, homeware & more, and believe that gamers deserve a place where they can pay homage to their favourite games, finding that perfect t-shirt to wear during their gaming session or that special piece of artwork to hang on their wall. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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Lovecraftesque is live on backerkit crowdfunding! Wed, 11 Oct 2023 15:22:33 +0000 Hi folks

I hope you’re well. I wrote to you earlier in the year to tell you about Lovecraftesque, the classic A storytelling card game of creeping cosmic horror. We launched our crowdfunding campaign yesterday and have already smashed our funding target.

Lovecraftesque is designed to allow a small group to create a compelling horror story from scratch in a couple of hours, including the time required to teach the game. We think it will be of interest to story-curious board gamers who like the idea of imaginative play but find traditional tabletop roleplaying games offputting.

The game uses card prompts to create chilling eldritch mystery tales built from clues the players create at the table. A compelling story emerges over a single session as if by magic without any prep, planning or discussion. The first edition was critically acclaimed, won the Gioco Dell’Anno (Game Of The Year) award, and was a finalist in the IGDN indie groundbreakers. We’re crowdfunding a new second edition boxed set, building on the lessons from the first to make an even slicker, more inspiring, easier-to-learn experience, with brand new art and a plethora of exciting new scenarios for the game. While the first edition was badged as a TTRPG, the new edition is aimed at bringing on board story-curious board gamers, with a format to match.

We have a press kit here:

Please do get in touch if you’d like to discuss further.
Best wishes

Josh Fox
Black Armada Games

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Customize your spooky season TTRPG with Tiny Library: Modern Fantasy Mon, 02 Oct 2023 22:07:57 +0000 Tiny Library previously ran Kickstarter’s for a deck of one card RPGs and a book of one page RPGs, either of which are excellent collections for trying new games.

This time around they are crowdfunding a deck of concepts and interchangeable rules you can mix and match to customize a unique game session with your players.

All the cards in the deck are themed around Modern Fantasy (Settings like Stranger Things, Control, Unsleeping City, Supernatural, Buffy, or X-Files)

They are using a design system called MOSAIC where each card has to be able to function as a part of a larger game without knowing what the rest of the cards are.

Full details of the Game Jam used to select the 51 cards can be found here

It’s a pretty cool system and encourages a GM to collaborate with their players in choosing the ruleset for an upcoming adventure, and contains new systems for things like death saving rolls, climax resolution systems, and magical subway transit that you may want to carry over to other games.

Best of all, a lot of the cards lean heavily into the spooky vibes of this time of year.

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Eleven Companies Vie for Title of Indy’s Smartest Company in 1st Corporate Chess Challenge Sun, 01 Oct 2023 23:17:44 +0000 Indianapolis, IN — October 2, 2023 — Indy Chess, a recently launched nonprofit organization dedicated to advancing chess education, today announced the participation of 11 esteemed companies in the inaugural Corporate Chess Challenge scheduled to be held October 14 at Ivy Tech Conference Center near downtown Indianapolis. With the registration deadline fast approaching, an impressive roster of competitors is poised to make the event a remarkable showcase of strategic intellect.
“We are delighted to welcome 44 players from 11 outstanding companies to the Corporate Chess Challenge. Their participation adds a diverse and thrilling dimension to the competition, and we look forward to witnessing their strategic thinking on National Chess Day,” said Mike Chapuran, Executive Director of Indy Chess. “Having this event in an academic setting is a great place to playfully crown the city’s smartest company.”
The Corporate Chess Challenge also serves as a fundraiser for the organization’s mission to provide chess education to at least six Indianapolis Public Schools that are traditionally under-resourced. This initiative offers free chess programs that will equip students with valuable skills and foster personal growth opportunities.
Indy Chess Board Member Vaughn Laptiste, an educator at Christel House Indianapolis Watanabe High School, said: “Chess opens the doors of opportunity for youths who learn to play, through socializing, and recreating. By encouraging collaboration, good sportsmanship, perseverance, learning from mistakes, strategizing, and critical thinking. Chess is a game that a person grows into and never grows out of.”
The following companies are sponsoring at least one four-person chess team in the Corporate Chess Challenge: Allison Transmission; Burgess & Niple; Cohen & Malad, LLP Attorneys; DIRECTConnect Logistix; Eli Lilly & Co.; Major Tool & Machine (a Precinmac Company); Milliman; Newfields; OmniSOC; OneAmerica; and Saraga International Grocery, which was the first company to sign up.
Notable players include an Allison Transmission employee who was formerly Purdue University’s former chess club president, Chapuran added.
As this is the inaugural event, Indy Chess has introduced a unique tradition: the winning company of the 2023 contest will receive a beautiful, unique wooden trophy in the shape of a rook chess piece. Hand-carved, it is made from melted colored pencils as a reminder of Indy Chess’ mission of education and accessibility to all. In subsequent years, the tournament’s trophy will take the form of a different chess piece so participants can anticipate building their own collection of chess-inspired trophies, creating a distinctive and evolving display in their corporate trophy cases.
Chapuran further emphasized the sense of camaraderie that this event fosters among participating teams. “Even if a single player loses on their board, they can cheer on their three teammates because it’s their total score together that matters.”
Gabe Hawkins, board member and attorney at Cohen & Malad, shared his thoughts on sponsoring the tournament: “We’re proud of our role in sponsoring this tournament as it gets off the ground and is another example of how our city is building a legacy of chess success that Indianapolis can get behind and be proud of.”

Companies interested in proving their intellectual mettle are invited to participate. To enter, organizations need to assemble a team of four individuals who will represent their company on the chessboard. Registration is currently open through September 30 and can be completed at
About Indy Chess
Indy Chess is a nonprofit organization committed to promoting chess education in schools and communities. Through programs, tournaments, and partnerships, Indy Chess empowers individuals of all ages with the strategic, analytical, and critical thinking skills that chess provides. Indy Chess believes that chess is a tool for personal and academic development, fostering creativity, problem-solving, and sportsmanship.

Mike Chapuran
Executive Director
Indy Chess, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization |

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Build your faction, take down the rest in this strategic, scifi board game Tue, 22 Aug 2023 14:46:38 +0000 For immediate release

‘Rising Storm: The Starborne’ launches August 25

DPH Games is pleased to announce the release of its 9th board game, ‘Rising Storm: The Starborne’.

Play with 2 – 4 friends as you assume the role of a faction leader on a planet in turmoil. Four factions vie for control and you must take it. Build your faction from a draft of cards, gather assassins, diplomats, merchants, and emissaries to take out the other factions over 3 challenges.

The best part about this game is it’s easy to set up and play, making it perfect for game nights. But while it’s easy to start playing, players interested in strategy will love tinkering with the hand-building element to counter, capture, and defeat certain cards.

-This game has space vampires (one of four factions you can choose to play as)
-It’s a card placement game where each player drafts cards to build their faction, then uses those cards to dismantle and take down their opponents
-Game takes place over 3 rounds
-Easy to set up and takes about 30 minutes to play (making it great for game night)
-Plays with 2 – 4 people
-Ages 14+

Information, play throughs, and game trailers on our website:

Contact for review copies:

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Wage a Phantom War in Fortitude, a Solo Trick-taking and Write Game Thu, 20 Jul 2023 23:04:01 +0000 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

A unique blend of trick-taking, war gaming, and flip & write games has just launched on Kickstarter.

Fortitude is a new, solo-only trick-taking and write game. Set during WWII, you play as an Allied commander who must run a military deception campaign against a German bot opponent.

Inspired by the real-life Operation Fortitude, in Fortitude you must survive for 16 rounds–mirroring the 16-month period leading up to D-Day–and work to convince Germany that the upcoming allied invasion will occur in either Trondheim, Norway or Calais, France.

But at all costs, never let them learn of Normandy’s true role before D-Day!

Fortitude will take advantage of the print-and-play distribution model that has come to prominence on Kickstarter. Once successfully funded, backers could expect to receive a file containing both full-color and grayscale components in both A4 and US-Letter formats.

Despite its foundation in the Roll & Write style of game, Fortitude offers enough depth to occupy players in sessions lasting 45 to 60 min.

Fortitude is live on Kickstarter, and its campaign with conclude on August 14th.

For more information on Fortitude:

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Board Game Academics to Hold First Annual Conference Celebrating Tabletop Gaming Research Tue, 18 Jul 2023 19:40:48 +0000 The hybrid conference will feature ten academic researchers presenting both online and at Gen Con’s Trade Day event

July 17, 2023, Philadelphia, PA – Board Game Academics is holding a hybrid conference on August 2, 2023, starting at 2 pm EDT. The conference will launch at Gen Con’s Trade Day event in Room 103 of the JW Marriott Hotel. The event will feature a keynote speaker from within the industry and five academics presenting their research from in the classroom and beyond. Simultaneous with the in-person event, Board Game Academics will host a virtual conference featuring additional researchers presenting live on Zoom and Discord.

Topics being discussed include research on the use of board games in media studies, humanities, and writing classrooms, research about the cultural impact of popular game systems like Magic The Gathering, Dungeons and Dragons, and Warhammer 40,000, and assessment of the way in which games relate to themes of race, gender, nationality, ability, sexuality in class in a number of applications. Presenters include researchers, faculties, and PhD students from New York University, Middle George State University, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, St Johns University, the State University of New York, Purdue University, Old Dominion University, and more.

The live event will launch at 2 pm, featuring introductions by the Board Game Academics editorial committee and a keynote address discussing the role of tabletop gaming in academia, followed by two hours of in-person presentations and additional online presentations. All presenters will submit full journal articles to Board Game Academics for the inaugural issue, releasing in late 2023.

About Board Game Academics

Board Game Academics is a group of tabletop gamers and academic professionals whose mission is to combine research and gaming in novel ways to benefit academia and the tabletop industry. The multidisciplinary project takes the form of an academic journal and conference to better critically examine the role of gaming across society, education, and beyond. Learn more about Board Game Academics and its first annual conference and journal launch at

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Forest Rush, PVP game for those who like competition Sun, 25 Jun 2023 01:29:12 +0000 Forest Rush is the first game from independent studio TuszTusz, which just premiered on Kickstarter.

Forest Rush is a game for those who like competition and quick twists. However, game starts with cooperation. Together with the other players, we create a board on which the game will take place. We can design it according to our imagination using 80 tiles. All tile contains two movement fields, making a total of 180 fields. Each game is unique, because each game is played on a different board.

There are five heroes and four players in the game. Players take on the role of 4 heroes: Centaur Einar, Sorceress Kåre, Dwarf Bjørn and Warrior Norell. An additional character appearing in the game is a Troll Torsten.

Torsten was an ordinary Troll who preferred a quiet life away from people. Unfortunately, one day he was caught by humans and imprisoned in a cage. Torsten tried desperately to escape, until he finally succeeded. He hid in a nearby cave and lived there alone for a long time. One day, however, he heard of a legendary treasure that was supposed to be hidden somewhere in the area. Torsten decided to get hold of this treasure, but noticed that he wasn’t the only one to have heard about it. Now he’s on the lookout for heroes who also want to find this treasure, ready to fight and defend its territory.

Each player influences the Troll’s movement during turn. We start the game by drawing 3 cards with tasks. The tasks may concern the actions of our hero, but also the Troll. For completing the task, we receive magic crystals, which we can exchange in the indicated locations for the skills of our characters. However, we must beware, the forest is full of dangers and we can easily lose our gems.

Forest Rush is a fantasy adventure PVP game where players fight each other while being chased by Troll Torsten from the woods. Fast-paced gameplay full of surprising twists and turns. Become the hero of the enchanted forest and get the legendary treasure.

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