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‘Rising Storm: The Starborne’ launches August 25

DPH Games is pleased to announce the release of its 9th board game, ‘Rising Storm: The Starborne’.

Play with 2 – 4 friends as you assume the role of a faction leader on a planet in turmoil. Four factions vie for control and you must take it. Build your faction from a draft of cards, gather assassins, diplomats, merchants, and emissaries to take out the other factions over 3 challenges.

The best part about this game is it’s easy to set up and play, making it perfect for game nights. But while it’s easy to start playing, players interested in strategy will love tinkering with the hand-building element to counter, capture, and defeat certain cards.

-This game has space vampires (one of four factions you can choose to play as)
-It’s a card placement game where each player drafts cards to build their faction, then uses those cards to dismantle and take down their opponents
-Game takes place over 3 rounds
-Easy to set up and takes about 30 minutes to play (making it great for game night)
-Plays with 2 – 4 people
-Ages 14+

Information, play throughs, and game trailers on our website:

Contact for review copies:

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Wage a Phantom War in Fortitude, a Solo Trick-taking and Write Game Thu, 20 Jul 2023 23:04:01 +0000 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

A unique blend of trick-taking, war gaming, and flip & write games has just launched on Kickstarter.

Fortitude is a new, solo-only trick-taking and write game. Set during WWII, you play as an Allied commander who must run a military deception campaign against a German bot opponent.

Inspired by the real-life Operation Fortitude, in Fortitude you must survive for 16 rounds–mirroring the 16-month period leading up to D-Day–and work to convince Germany that the upcoming allied invasion will occur in either Trondheim, Norway or Calais, France.

But at all costs, never let them learn of Normandy’s true role before D-Day!

Fortitude will take advantage of the print-and-play distribution model that has come to prominence on Kickstarter. Once successfully funded, backers could expect to receive a file containing both full-color and grayscale components in both A4 and US-Letter formats.

Despite its foundation in the Roll & Write style of game, Fortitude offers enough depth to occupy players in sessions lasting 45 to 60 min.

Fortitude is live on Kickstarter, and its campaign with conclude on August 14th.

For more information on Fortitude:

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Board Game Academics to Hold First Annual Conference Celebrating Tabletop Gaming Research Tue, 18 Jul 2023 19:40:48 +0000 The hybrid conference will feature ten academic researchers presenting both online and at Gen Con’s Trade Day event

July 17, 2023, Philadelphia, PA – Board Game Academics is holding a hybrid conference on August 2, 2023, starting at 2 pm EDT. The conference will launch at Gen Con’s Trade Day event in Room 103 of the JW Marriott Hotel. The event will feature a keynote speaker from within the industry and five academics presenting their research from in the classroom and beyond. Simultaneous with the in-person event, Board Game Academics will host a virtual conference featuring additional researchers presenting live on Zoom and Discord.

Topics being discussed include research on the use of board games in media studies, humanities, and writing classrooms, research about the cultural impact of popular game systems like Magic The Gathering, Dungeons and Dragons, and Warhammer 40,000, and assessment of the way in which games relate to themes of race, gender, nationality, ability, sexuality in class in a number of applications. Presenters include researchers, faculties, and PhD students from New York University, Middle George State University, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, St Johns University, the State University of New York, Purdue University, Old Dominion University, and more.

The live event will launch at 2 pm, featuring introductions by the Board Game Academics editorial committee and a keynote address discussing the role of tabletop gaming in academia, followed by two hours of in-person presentations and additional online presentations. All presenters will submit full journal articles to Board Game Academics for the inaugural issue, releasing in late 2023.

About Board Game Academics

Board Game Academics is a group of tabletop gamers and academic professionals whose mission is to combine research and gaming in novel ways to benefit academia and the tabletop industry. The multidisciplinary project takes the form of an academic journal and conference to better critically examine the role of gaming across society, education, and beyond. Learn more about Board Game Academics and its first annual conference and journal launch at

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Forest Rush, PVP game for those who like competition Sun, 25 Jun 2023 01:29:12 +0000 Forest Rush is the first game from independent studio TuszTusz, which just premiered on Kickstarter.

Forest Rush is a game for those who like competition and quick twists. However, game starts with cooperation. Together with the other players, we create a board on which the game will take place. We can design it according to our imagination using 80 tiles. All tile contains two movement fields, making a total of 180 fields. Each game is unique, because each game is played on a different board.

There are five heroes and four players in the game. Players take on the role of 4 heroes: Centaur Einar, Sorceress Kåre, Dwarf Bjørn and Warrior Norell. An additional character appearing in the game is a Troll Torsten.

Torsten was an ordinary Troll who preferred a quiet life away from people. Unfortunately, one day he was caught by humans and imprisoned in a cage. Torsten tried desperately to escape, until he finally succeeded. He hid in a nearby cave and lived there alone for a long time. One day, however, he heard of a legendary treasure that was supposed to be hidden somewhere in the area. Torsten decided to get hold of this treasure, but noticed that he wasn’t the only one to have heard about it. Now he’s on the lookout for heroes who also want to find this treasure, ready to fight and defend its territory.

Each player influences the Troll’s movement during turn. We start the game by drawing 3 cards with tasks. The tasks may concern the actions of our hero, but also the Troll. For completing the task, we receive magic crystals, which we can exchange in the indicated locations for the skills of our characters. However, we must beware, the forest is full of dangers and we can easily lose our gems.

Forest Rush is a fantasy adventure PVP game where players fight each other while being chased by Troll Torsten from the woods. Fast-paced gameplay full of surprising twists and turns. Become the hero of the enchanted forest and get the legendary treasure.

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SCARCE Tue, 30 May 2023 13:58:02 +0000 Scarce is a fully cooperative experience where players need to finish the construction of the enormous nuclear plant that powers their floating city. Each player is in control of a dragonfly ship, a vehicle that can travel in the air, on the ocean surface, and in the deep ocean.
Players can upgrade and manage the crew and modules of their individual ships to maximize resource gathering. All this while avoiding a doomsday cult, hellbent on destroying the city. The cult has its own city on the way and several scouting forces already in the vicinity of the player city. Players will need to move carefully to avoid enemies and be time efficient to get their city moving before the enemy city arrives. The deep sea is not safe either as strange creatures lurk in the dark.

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Key Card Games Unveils Monsters of Loch Lomond, a Scottish Folklore-Inspired Card Game Fri, 26 May 2023 14:48:05 +0000 PRESS RELEASE
Headline: Key Card Games Unveils Monsters of Loch Lomond, a Scottish Folklore-Inspired Card Game

Sub headline: Step up as a Scottish chieftain to protect your clan and its freedom against monsters and rival clans

Leiden, Netherlands – May 23, 2023 – Key Card Games today announced the upcoming Kickstarter launch of Monsters of Loch Lomond, a Scottish folklore-inspired card game that immerses players in a battle for clan survival against legendary monsters and rival chieftains. The crowdfunding campaign begins on May 30, 2023, and ends on June 29, 2023, with a funding goal of 5,000 euros.

Inspired by a hiking adventure along Scotland’s West Highland Way, first-time game designers Robin Stokkel, Chief of Cards, and Peter Jan van der Veek, Chieftain of Arts, created Monsters of Loch Lomond to capture the thrilling landscape and mythology of the Scottish Highlands.

“Our passion for hiking and the captivating landscape of Loch Lomond sparked the idea to create a card game that brings players into a thrilling world of danger, strategy, and folklore,” said Robin Stokkel, co-founder of Key Card Games. “We are incredibly excited to bring this immersive world to game enthusiasts through our Kickstarter campaign, featuring exclusive stretch goals that will unlock a fast-paced alternative gameplay.”

The 30-day Kickstarter campaign offers backers exclusive rewards and the opportunity to support the project. To learn more or back Monsters of Loch Lomond, visit

About Key Card Games
Founded by Robin Stokkel and Peter Jan van der Veek, Key Card Games specializes in creating innovative card games that combine strategic gameplay with captivating themes. Monsters of Loch Lomond is their first project, inspired by their love for hiking and the mystic landscapes of Scotland.

For more information, press only:
Robin Stokkel
Chief of Cards, Key Card Games

For more information on Monsters of Loch Lomond:

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Luddite: Coming Wed, 17 May 2023 14:28:08 +0000 After the success of their last game, Solar 175, which raised over $220,000, Cogito Ergo Meeple are returning to Kickstarter this summer to fund the printing of their next game Luddite. Luddite is a roll and write style campaign game with a fully integrated graphic novel! This stand alone game is set within the same vast dystopian sci fi universe as their previous creation Solar 175.


Luddite is set in Yurushi, a sprawling Metropolis and Earth’s largest city. You play as a young engineer who has recently been laid off by the Niven Megacorporation. Like many millions of others, this means a move back to the Saitama Slums, a vast wasteland, populated by the new ‘useless classes’ made unemployable by the adoption of artificial intelligence powered automata.

You are recruited by the charismatic leader Red Ludd who is assembling a resistance to this mass obsolescence, a group known simply as the Luddites. In Luddite you and your team will be using your engineering skills to hack into these automata and cripple their systems. Revenge for being cast aside and a reprieve for the millions of workers who are still to lose their livelihoods, but beware, the mega corporations did not get to this position playing fair. Those caught in acts of sabotage will not be treated kindly or fairly by the system.

Luddite is a campaign game which follows the narrative of a custom made graphic novel of the same name. Featuring hundreds of beautiful pieces of art by the talented Adam Beachey, Luddite is playable solo, or multiplayer and can be played cooperatively or competitively. The campaign can be reset and replayed indefinitely and the game allows for an unlimited number of players to take part. Luddite gameplay fuses classic roll and write mechanisms with a novel, push your luck style system. Players must race against the clock to damage the AI systems and get out before the countermeasures can kick in.

Featuring premium components such as metal coins, a custom dice tray and chunky 25mm dice, Luddite offers a quality tabletop production for the low price of only £35, but Luddite will also be offered as a cost effective print and play for only £4! There will also be a full digital port of the game offered for only £8! All options give you access to the full Luddite experience with all game maps and the graphic novel included.

Number of Players: 1 – 99

Time per Game: 20 – 40 minutes

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Thrashed – An 18 card solo game! Fri, 03 Feb 2023 21:16:26 +0000 A lunatic has trapped 6 individuals in a 6 story building and is hunting them down. Can you move the people from floor to floor to avoid the attacks and match up the weapons they’ll need to defend themselves? With each attack your wounded players are limited by how far they can move. And with each attack the lunatic takes some of your supplies. Defeat the killer and you win but can you get all 6 people out alive?

This is a solo only game that comes in a slim pocket case. Great for a game on the go with a theme that will draw you in.

$10 gets you the game on Kickstarter. We’re a new board game publisher but this one is a fully complete game, just need the funding to order the games. We also have multiple other 18 card solo games ready to go after this one. So click the Kickstarter link and help us get this off the ground!

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Bright Eye Games & Meeple Design Merchandise Launch Partnership with CoraQuest poster Wed, 01 Feb 2023 14:12:36 +0000 Meeple Design are proud to announce an official Authorised Accessory Partnership with Bright Eye Games; publishers of games such as CoraQuest, Savannah Park, Waggle Dance and Termite Towers. Meeple Design will offer a range of specially designed posters for fans of Bright Eye Games.

“Bright Eye Games publishes games with great themes that we are excited to start making products for. CoraQuest will be our first design launch under the partnership, and we chose it as we love the artwork, the family appeal of the game, and the story of how the game was developed by the father/daughter combo of Dan and Cora Hughes during lockdown,” says Hannah Webb, co-founder of Meeple Design. “We are excited to develop this partnership to create more unique products for the fans of Bright Eye Games!”

The first design under the partnership is inspired by CoraQuest, a co-operative dungeon-crawling family board game for one to four players where players avoid traps, find treasure, fight monsters, and sometimes rescue a Gnome called Kevin!

The CoraQuest poster is available now at and ships worldwide.

“We are excited about our partnership with Meeple Design and to extend the love of our games into people’s living rooms even when the games themselves are on the shelf,” says Mark Cooke, CEO of Bright Eye Games.

Meeple Design will be exhibiting at AireCon 2023 at the Harrogate Convention Centre, UK from March 10th to 12th where the posters in the Bright Eye Games collection will be available for purchase.

To celebrate the official Authorised Accessory Partnership with the Bright Eye Games, products in the ‘Bright Eye Games collection’ have 15% off, applied automatically at checkout, until Friday 10th February 2023.

Bright Eye Games joins a growing number of partners working with Meeple Design to create officially licensed accessories for games including; Tabletop Tycoon, City of Games and Czech Games Edition. Meeple Design brings a passion for the hobby and their unique experience working with other publishers to create exciting merchandise for fans of Board Gaming.

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M.A.D tronics expanding the board game world Thu, 10 Nov 2022 01:14:50 +0000 Paul Hill is a product developer, a TV show creator and the CEO of M.A.D tronics. He was one of 4 winners in the DRG/CBC international game show creation competition. He was a finalist in the 2021 Pocket Gamer Mobile Gamers award for Best Innovation Product Competition. He has recently completed an augmented reality TV show “Augmented Gaming Battles” that was produced with the help of his AR headgear that works on land and underwater. The show will premiere November 12, 2022 on their YouTube channel.

Now M.A.D tronics will produce several AR board games based on the AR challenges from the show.

“AR Dangerous Artifacts“

Dr. Stacey Ayaan would like for you to go on an interactive treasure hunt to find the Olmec power stones. Your journey will be dangerous, and you should be careful not to get bit by all the dangerous creatures you will encounter on the way. Since all the players are after the same thing as you, trust no one because they might be the most dangerous of all.

This 4-person augmented reality board game is adding a new level to board gaming by bring the adventure to life. Not only do you see the AR challenges, but you will have to interact with them as well. 

You get the board game and pieces, and the AR app for android and iOS phones for $15. The game can be purchased from our website:

This board game is based off of our augmented reality competition TV series “Augmented Gaming Battles” which will premiere on Youtube November 12, 2022.

“AR Dangerous Artifacts” AR interactive board game:

The coolest part about M.A.D tronics’ board game is, you can actually play it underwater with some help from their M7 (underwater augmented reality headgear).

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