Sunrise Market – a trio of charming family board games – launches on Kickstarter

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A trio of new board games for the whole family from the designer of Cat Rescue and Macaron for 1 to 5 players.
Los Angeles, CA, August 23, 2021 – Sunrise Tornado Games has just launched their biggest crowdfunded board game release ever – Sunrise Market. With a history of quick, fun and approachable board games with gorgeous artwork, Sunrise Market is a trio of family board games for 1-5 players. You can get all three board games with one pledge and the set is live on Kickstarter today.
Featuring the lovely artwork of Kaiami, Shenanjegans, and Fuwa, Sunrise Market is open for business thanks to the hard work of designer Ta-Te Wu. Backers of this Kickstarter get a nice selection of play experiences with Sunrise Market:
Boba Mahjong
This is a rummy-style card game for two ‘bobarista.’ In the game, players collect cards from sets and then score points with them. It’s deep and tasty just a true bubble drink.
Pier 1
This solo Sudoku card game with euro-style scoring is a super cute cat game that hurts your brain … in a good way.
1-2-3 Cheese
This 2 to 5 player ‘melting game’ is about a group of mice trying to get away from a disastrous heist. The goal is to get rid of your cheese cards by dropping them on other players’ stash. The first mouse to get away wins the game!
Exclusive Add-Ons from this Kickstarter
Playing Cats – Exclusively through this Kickstarter, Playing Cats is a deck of cat-themed board games from Kaiami. This charming set can be added on to your pledge.
Cleocatra – This cat-themed puzzle board game is also available as an add-on with this Kickstarter, exclusively through Sunrise Tornado.
Macaron – This tasty trick-taking card game from last year is also available as an add-on for a limited time through this Kickstarter campaign.
Praise for Sunrise Market’s Trio of Games
Boba Mahjong – “After dozens of plays, I’m still learning how deep Boba Mahjong is.  For such an easy ruleset, this game will get your gears turning!” – Patrick Hepner of Level Up Board Game
1-2-3 Cheese! – “123 Cheese has that classic card game attitude that is going to make competitive players feel right at home. Fans of Hearts and The Great Dalmuti need to play this game!” – Richard Malena-Webber of The Academy of Adventures Afterschool Program
Pier 1 – “I think Pier 1 is pretty great! The strategic puzzle of the solo game is actually pretty appealing, to me, and it helps quite a bit that the game is also super easy to set up, tear down, and get played.” – What’s Eric Playing?

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