A Tale of Bravery – A digital hybrid board game going back to the roots of the fantasy genre

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Bärsärk Entertainment is currently working on an epic fantasy board game called A Tale of Bravery. It is set in Britain, 20 years after King Arthur was mortally wounded and taken to Avalon. The knights of the round table have been dissolved and the fabled castle of Camelot lies in ruins. Four adventurers will discover an ancient evil, and through their bravery, might be able to stop it. The game will feature over 550 high quality components and a downloadable game manager and quest app for iOS and Android.

Nils-Erik Lindström, one of the creators of the game explains: “We are going back to the roots of the fantasy genre with this game. The story of King Arthur is the original epic fantasy tale. Our goal is to let the players experience an engaging adventure together through the evolving story, and at the same time provide them with exciting strategic decisions in the epic battles that inevitably occur.”

A Tale of Bravery is a cooperative game that can be played with up to 4 friends or even solo. It stands apart from other board games by being story driven and immersive. The choices you and your friends make will affect the problems you have to face. A Tale of Bravery is on the cutting edge of modern board game evolution by being a so-called hybrid game. It has one foot in the digital world and one foot among ordinary tabletop board games through its downloadable game manager and quest app. It will come with printed game books as well, if the participants prefer a fully analog experience.

Bärsärk Entertainment has released a stand-alone demo version of the game. The rulebook, a quest book and game components can be downloaded for free and printed for an evening of adventures. A number of tutorials on how to play the game have been published on YouTube to increase accessibility and support beginners.

Bärsärk Entertainment is a Swedish game publisher dedicated to producing high quality board games for your enjoyment, regardless of where you are in the world. It has previously produced critically acclaimed role-playing games for the Scandinavian market. A Tale of Bravery is their first foray into the international board game market.

The A Tale of Bravery homepage, where the demo version of the game is available for download:


You can find the YouTube channel here:



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