Alderac Entertainment Group Announces The Warlord: Saga of the Storm CCG 20th Anniversary Celebration Pack

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The time has come…

In honor of 20 years of the Warlord: Saga of the Storm CCG, the team at AEG has decided to mark the occasion with a new release for one of the most beloved games in our history. The Warlord 20th Anniversary Celebration pack will release this summer!

This pack will contain new Warlords, a new Overlord, new items, and just because, a new alternate-art Brine Fiend! But these aren’t just any Warlords. We are turning back the clock, to look into the history of the Medusan Lords, from when they were just starting out as mere Warlords. Now you can have them lead your armies, and see where they began.

Starting February 1st through February 5th on the AEG Online Store we will take pre-orders for this Anniversary Celebration pack. This will be the ONLY time you will be able to order and purchase this pack. Once the window closes on the 5th, it will be closed forever. Don’t miss this chance. Spread the word far and wide to your friends who once fought Tooth and Claw alongside you when the Call to Arms rang aloud.

More info on the pre-order will come next week! Along with previews of the cards in the set.

The legendary collectible card game of d20 combat, Warlord had a long history with many players still active in tournaments and leagues to this day. Warlord is a long-time favorite of many at AEG, and we did not want to let the 20th Anniversary of this classic game pass without a tribute.

In the days of the CCG, Warlord was unique in its “Challenge System” which allowed players to take on rare and powerful enemies at special events. The most coveted of these were the Medusan Lords, completely unique cards that represented the creators’ own role-playing game characters. Defy the odds and defeat one and the player claimed it as their own. In this special 20th Anniversary pack, we look back at the origins of the Medusan Lords, when they were simple Warlords. This will allow everyone to build all-new decks using these characters! And included are items related to each, a new challenge Overlord, and a new alternate-art of the always useful Brine Fiend!

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