Kingdom Rush: Elemental Uprising coming to Gamefound on February 9th

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Kingdom Rush: Elemental Uprising coming to Gamefound on February 9th

[Kraków, Poland, January 7th] Lucky Duck Games are thrilled to announce that their partnership with Ironhide Game Studio, the developers of the popular Kingdom Rush mobile app series, is to continue with a second Kingdom Rush release for the tabletop. New standalone game Kingdom Rush: Elemental Uprising will utilize the same cooperative system found in the hugely successful Kingdom Rush: Rift in time but will introduce new heroes, Campaign Missions, and numerous gameplay elements.

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Fans of the Kingdom Rush will already be familiar with the gameplay of placing polyominoes on advancing monster hordes in an attempt to destroy them and protect the Kingdom. In Elemental Uprising, however, players will have to contend with elemental beings such as the “Leviathan” and “Elemenance”. Volcanoes erupting on the board, cyclones sweeping across the paths, and shamanic monsters wielding powerful defensive magic are just a few of the new challenges players will encounter.

Five new heroes with unique powers and epic special abilities will be available to choose from. Players will now also be able to customize their defenses with reusable Tower Mod Stickers which can augment how towers act during play. Over the course of each game, 1-4 players will need to strategically attack hordes, play or upgrade their towers, and apply modifications that will help to bolster their forces.

Owners of Kingdom Rush: Rift in Time and its expansions will also be excited to hear that heroes from both Rift in Time and Elemental Uprising will be cross-compatible meaning you can have over a dozen heroes to choose from if you’re a fan of the franchise.

This crowdfunding campaign will run on which is a first for Lucky Duck Games and will be the second campaign to launch on the site since it began its crowdfunding offering with Awaken Realm’s ISS Vanguard.

“We’re really impressed by all the tools that have been created by the team at Gamefound” says Az Drummond, Marketing Director at Lucky Duck Games. “We have used Gamefound as a pledge manager for six of our games already and have always been delighted by the platform. Now that Gamefound is live as a crowdfunding site also, partnering with them for the launch of Kingdom Rush: Elemental Rising just made sense”.

Players: 1-4
Playing Time: 45-90 min
Ages: 14+
Designer: Helana Hope, Sen-Foong Lim, Jessey Wright
Publisher: Lucky Duck Games
Key Information
Hand Management
Modular Board
Polyomino Placement
Variable Player Powers

The Kingdom Rush: Elemental Uprising campaign will begin on February 9th on

A full range of logos and image assets can be found here.

Visit the campaign preview page here.

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