Rose Gauntlet Entertainment: The New Game Publisher From Isaac Vega and Lindsey Rode

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Isaac Vega and Lindsey Rode

Isaac and Lindsey have been friends for what feels like forever, but is probably closer to 7 years. As their friendship evolved, they began dreaming of how great it would be to one day work together. The stars aligned and that dream grew into a reality in September of 2020. The vision behind RoseGauntlet was created from two great needs they both felt were missing in their careers. The first need was to have complete freedom over their art, and to tell the stories that would reflect parts of who they were. The second need was to build a home for their community, that could foster a welcoming, engaging, and creative environment where people would be able to connect with others through a love of gaming. With Rose Gauntlet they hope to create a company that will build incredible worlds, tell lasting stories, welcome diverse communities, and give back to the next generation of gamers and creators. They already feel the dream coming true, and hope you will join them for this exciting new chapter in their lives!

Our Core Values

Games are for Everyone

We believe games are for everyone and that their greatest purpose is to bring people together. We aim to make our games an enjoyable experience that reflects the diverse community that plays them.

Strive to Build Community

We believe that community is the beating heart that keeps our company thriving. We are dedicated to creating a place of respect where community can grow, to listen to the feedback of our fans, and to leave a lasting positive impact on our industry.

Our Hearts are In Our Stories

We believe that every game can tell a story, and within those stories we have a chance to reveal our hearts. We aim to only move forward with projects that embody a deeper meaning. Stories that say something about who we are, what we believe in, and serve as a moment to truly connect with our community.


We believe in the resilience of ourselves and our team. When things go wrong, we don’t give up or waste our time with blame. Instead, we focus on the solution and never stop moving forward. We stand up for what we believe in, our community, and one another.


Isaac Vega has been making board games for over 10 years. With 9 designs and multiple expansions he has been lucky enough have sold over 500,000 copies of his work worldwide. All this has fostered a love and reverence for the tabletop industry that he is excited to bring to Rose Gauntlet Entertainment. Believing that everything we do has an impact on others, Isaac builds his creative worlds to reflect a diverse community and focuses on the underlying themes that tie us all together. As he looks ahead to the next 10 years he wants to focus on mentorship and discovering new talent within our industry. He’s also excited to have the freedom to explore new horizons and entertainment mediums that he has always wished to dive into. He hopes to use Rose Gauntlet Entertainment to leave a lasting positive impact on the gaming community he loves and pay tribute to the industry and people that have given him so much.

Twitter: @IsaacOnEarth
Instagram: @IsaacOnEarth


When Lindsey first started getting into board games, she was running a successful food truck and had been happily cooking as a professional chef for over 10 years. After spending way too much on board games, she started designing her own to pass the time when the truck was slow. What began as a spark, turned into a raging fire that propelled a passion for design that would alter the course of the next 7 years of her life. During this time, she has contributed design work on popular games and RPGs, has worked full time in the tabletop industry as a Creative Director, and has successfully Kickstarted 2 of her own personal designs. Lindsey brings her “never say die” attitude to Rose Gauntlet Entertainment, which will help the company achieve the lofty goals it has set out for itself. Lindsey is incredibly excited to start this next chapter of her life and use this opportunity to continue to hone her design and world building skills. She also looks forward to using the company to find the next generation of passionate talent out there looking to call the tabletop industry their home.

Twitter: @RacoonRode
Instagram: @the_lindsey_rode

Rose Gauntlet Entertainment Game Announcements:

Keystone: North America 

Later this year we will be debuting Keystone: North America on Kickstarter as our first release. We are excited to bring to your table this beautiful, easy to learn, brain burning strategy game designed by Jeffery Joyce and Isaac Vega. Players take on the role of a biologist and will work to build an interconnected ecosystem through careful placement of cards and mindful planning of actions.

Keystone: North America seeks to share the deep passion for wildlife and conservation biology held by its co-designer Jeffery Joyce. His passion for teaching conservation through play and a love of designing games convinced us that Keystone is the perfect game for our first release. Together the three of us are incredibly excited to bring this fun and beautify illustrated game to life and hope you will support it on Kickstarter when it releases later this year.

Supporting Keystone: North America is the first step to helping Rose Gauntlet Entertainment create its ambitious line up of games. So, if there are any other upcoming games that you are excited about, please consider supporting Keystone as well as it will help all future projects reach their full potential.

  • Player Count 1-4
  • Playtime: 40-90min
  • Age Range: 10+
  • Launching on Kickstarter in Q2 of 2021

Life After Dungeon 

The battle is over. The journey is done. Yet, somehow the adventure continues. Step into the world of After, and rediscover what you left behind.

Life After Dungeon is a cooperative dungeon-crawling RPG from the minds of Isaac Vega and Lindsey Rode that aims to tell touching and action-packed stories as well as bring new life to your tabletop collection!

This will be Lindsey and Isaac’s first design collaboration and they are incredibly excited to share the strange and wonderful world of Life After Dungeon with you. Because this project is still in early development, we are staying a little bit vague on further details. However, we are incredibly excited about the feeling of magic that is already starting to form around this design!

We cannot wait for this one to hit your tables, and we’re going to do everything we can to make sure it’s epic when it does!

  • Player Count: 1-4
  • Playtime: 60 – 90 min
  • Age Range: 10+

Gone to Gaia

In addition to board games Rose Gauntlet Entertainment will also develop video games. Our first digital project is called Gone to Gaia, which will be Isaac Vega’s first leap into digital game design. In Gone to Gaia, the player takes on the role of three characters who must venture through the Tide, a strange poisonous fog that has enveloped most of the world. To help quell the Tide, and ensure it does not rise further, the heroes, protected by powerful suits, must venture towards Gaia. A strange alien like deity that appears in random locations within the Tide.

Gone to Gaia is a roguelike adventure deck building card game where players must use a combination of cards, character abilities, and items to venture through procedurally generated paths. These paths are full of monsters, strange relics, and undiscovered anomalies hidden within the Tide. Players who are skilled enough will be able to reach Gaia and help their civilization solve the mystery behind their dying world.

With Gone to Gaia Isaac hopes to bring his own twist to the roguelike genre and fulfill his lifelong dream of creating his first video game. We are incredibly excited about the project and cannot wait to share even more about its development in the upcoming months.

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