Wage a Phantom War in Fortitude, a Solo Trick-taking and Write Game

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A unique blend of trick-taking, war gaming, and flip & write games has just launched on Kickstarter.

Fortitude is a new, solo-only trick-taking and write game. Set during WWII, you play as an Allied commander who must run a military deception campaign against a German bot opponent.

Inspired by the real-life Operation Fortitude, in Fortitude you must survive for 16 rounds–mirroring the 16-month period leading up to D-Day–and work to convince Germany that the upcoming allied invasion will occur in either Trondheim, Norway or Calais, France.

But at all costs, never let them learn of Normandy’s true role before D-Day!

Fortitude will take advantage of the print-and-play distribution model that has come to prominence on Kickstarter. Once successfully funded, backers could expect to receive a file containing both full-color and grayscale components in both A4 and US-Letter formats.

Despite its foundation in the Roll & Write style of game, Fortitude offers enough depth to occupy players in sessions lasting 45 to 60 min.

Fortitude is live on Kickstarter, and its campaign with conclude on August 14th.

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