Build your faction, take down the rest in this strategic, scifi board game

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‘Rising Storm: The Starborne’ launches August 25

DPH Games is pleased to announce the release of its 9th board game, ‘Rising Storm: The Starborne’.

Play with 2 – 4 friends as you assume the role of a faction leader on a planet in turmoil. Four factions vie for control and you must take it. Build your faction from a draft of cards, gather assassins, diplomats, merchants, and emissaries to take out the other factions over 3 challenges.

The best part about this game is it’s easy to set up and play, making it perfect for game nights. But while it’s easy to start playing, players interested in strategy will love tinkering with the hand-building element to counter, capture, and defeat certain cards.

-This game has space vampires (one of four factions you can choose to play as)
-It’s a card placement game where each player drafts cards to build their faction, then uses those cards to dismantle and take down their opponents
-Game takes place over 3 rounds
-Easy to set up and takes about 30 minutes to play (making it great for game night)
-Plays with 2 – 4 people
-Ages 14+

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