Eleven Companies Vie for Title of Indy’s Smartest Company in 1st Corporate Chess Challenge

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Indianapolis, IN — October 2, 2023 — Indy Chess, a recently launched nonprofit organization dedicated to advancing chess education, today announced the participation of 11 esteemed companies in the inaugural Corporate Chess Challenge scheduled to be held October 14 at Ivy Tech Conference Center near downtown Indianapolis. With the registration deadline fast approaching, an impressive roster of competitors is poised to make the event a remarkable showcase of strategic intellect.
“We are delighted to welcome 44 players from 11 outstanding companies to the Corporate Chess Challenge. Their participation adds a diverse and thrilling dimension to the competition, and we look forward to witnessing their strategic thinking on National Chess Day,” said Mike Chapuran, Executive Director of Indy Chess. “Having this event in an academic setting is a great place to playfully crown the city’s smartest company.”
The Corporate Chess Challenge also serves as a fundraiser for the organization’s mission to provide chess education to at least six Indianapolis Public Schools that are traditionally under-resourced. This initiative offers free chess programs that will equip students with valuable skills and foster personal growth opportunities.
Indy Chess Board Member Vaughn Laptiste, an educator at Christel House Indianapolis Watanabe High School, said: “Chess opens the doors of opportunity for youths who learn to play, through socializing, and recreating. By encouraging collaboration, good sportsmanship, perseverance, learning from mistakes, strategizing, and critical thinking. Chess is a game that a person grows into and never grows out of.”
The following companies are sponsoring at least one four-person chess team in the Corporate Chess Challenge: Allison Transmission; Burgess & Niple; Cohen & Malad, LLP Attorneys; DIRECTConnect Logistix; Eli Lilly & Co.; Major Tool & Machine (a Precinmac Company); Milliman; Newfields; OmniSOC; OneAmerica; and Saraga International Grocery, which was the first company to sign up.
Notable players include an Allison Transmission employee who was formerly Purdue University’s former chess club president, Chapuran added.
As this is the inaugural event, Indy Chess has introduced a unique tradition: the winning company of the 2023 contest will receive a beautiful, unique wooden trophy in the shape of a rook chess piece. Hand-carved, it is made from melted colored pencils as a reminder of Indy Chess’ mission of education and accessibility to all. In subsequent years, the tournament’s trophy will take the form of a different chess piece so participants can anticipate building their own collection of chess-inspired trophies, creating a distinctive and evolving display in their corporate trophy cases.
Chapuran further emphasized the sense of camaraderie that this event fosters among participating teams. “Even if a single player loses on their board, they can cheer on their three teammates because it’s their total score together that matters.”
Gabe Hawkins, board member and attorney at Cohen & Malad, shared his thoughts on sponsoring the tournament: “We’re proud of our role in sponsoring this tournament as it gets off the ground and is another example of how our city is building a legacy of chess success that Indianapolis can get behind and be proud of.”

Companies interested in proving their intellectual mettle are invited to participate. To enter, organizations need to assemble a team of four individuals who will represent their company on the chessboard. Registration is currently open through September 30 and can be completed at www.indychess.org/ccc.
About Indy Chess
Indy Chess is a nonprofit organization committed to promoting chess education in schools and communities. Through programs, tournaments, and partnerships, Indy Chess empowers individuals of all ages with the strategic, analytical, and critical thinking skills that chess provides. Indy Chess believes that chess is a tool for personal and academic development, fostering creativity, problem-solving, and sportsmanship.

Mike Chapuran
Executive Director
Indy Chess, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization
info@indychess.org | www.indychess.org

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