Board Game Academics to Hold First Annual Conference Celebrating Tabletop Gaming Research

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The hybrid conference will feature ten academic researchers presenting both online and at Gen Con’s Trade Day event

July 17, 2023, Philadelphia, PA – Board Game Academics is holding a hybrid conference on August 2, 2023, starting at 2 pm EDT. The conference will launch at Gen Con’s Trade Day event in Room 103 of the JW Marriott Hotel. The event will feature a keynote speaker from within the industry and five academics presenting their research from in the classroom and beyond. Simultaneous with the in-person event, Board Game Academics will host a virtual conference featuring additional researchers presenting live on Zoom and Discord.

Topics being discussed include research on the use of board games in media studies, humanities, and writing classrooms, research about the cultural impact of popular game systems like Magic The Gathering, Dungeons and Dragons, and Warhammer 40,000, and assessment of the way in which games relate to themes of race, gender, nationality, ability, sexuality in class in a number of applications. Presenters include researchers, faculties, and PhD students from New York University, Middle George State University, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, St Johns University, the State University of New York, Purdue University, Old Dominion University, and more.

The live event will launch at 2 pm, featuring introductions by the Board Game Academics editorial committee and a keynote address discussing the role of tabletop gaming in academia, followed by two hours of in-person presentations and additional online presentations. All presenters will submit full journal articles to Board Game Academics for the inaugural issue, releasing in late 2023.

About Board Game Academics

Board Game Academics is a group of tabletop gamers and academic professionals whose mission is to combine research and gaming in novel ways to benefit academia and the tabletop industry. The multidisciplinary project takes the form of an academic journal and conference to better critically examine the role of gaming across society, education, and beyond. Learn more about Board Game Academics and its first annual conference and journal launch at

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