Forest Rush, PVP game for those who like competition

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Forest Rush is the first game from independent studio TuszTusz, which just premiered on Kickstarter.

Forest Rush is a game for those who like competition and quick twists. However, game starts with cooperation. Together with the other players, we create a board on which the game will take place. We can design it according to our imagination using 80 tiles. All tile contains two movement fields, making a total of 180 fields. Each game is unique, because each game is played on a different board.

There are five heroes and four players in the game. Players take on the role of 4 heroes: Centaur Einar, Sorceress Kåre, Dwarf Bjørn and Warrior Norell. An additional character appearing in the game is a Troll Torsten.

Torsten was an ordinary Troll who preferred a quiet life away from people. Unfortunately, one day he was caught by humans and imprisoned in a cage. Torsten tried desperately to escape, until he finally succeeded. He hid in a nearby cave and lived there alone for a long time. One day, however, he heard of a legendary treasure that was supposed to be hidden somewhere in the area. Torsten decided to get hold of this treasure, but noticed that he wasn’t the only one to have heard about it. Now he’s on the lookout for heroes who also want to find this treasure, ready to fight and defend its territory.

Each player influences the Troll’s movement during turn. We start the game by drawing 3 cards with tasks. The tasks may concern the actions of our hero, but also the Troll. For completing the task, we receive magic crystals, which we can exchange in the indicated locations for the skills of our characters. However, we must beware, the forest is full of dangers and we can easily lose our gems.

Forest Rush is a fantasy adventure PVP game where players fight each other while being chased by Troll Torsten from the woods. Fast-paced gameplay full of surprising twists and turns. Become the hero of the enchanted forest and get the legendary treasure.

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