Drill Bit Dwarfs lanching on Kickstarter November 2022

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For the crown to command all!

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The competition in the Lorendon mining racket is fierce and only the strong have survived; the Drill Bit Dwarfs. Now the battle for Honor between them has pushed the competition to the limit. Become a legendary Drill Bit Dwarf and take on your former brethren for the crown of the Driller King.

Drill Bit Dwarfs is pure card-driven action for 1-8 players. Play solo against formidable AI or competitive and yes , even cooperative. Drill Bit Dwarfs could be the most powerful, versatile and portable game in any collection.

Campaign Highlights:
– Only available on kickstarter!
– Free Paladin Expansion if you sign-up before or back in the first 24 hours
– The Big Strike Stretch goal rewards all backers with an additional free copy of the game!
– Launches in November 2022

Drill Barter Conquer!
DBD is an action packed card-driven competition featuring drilling, bartering, deck building and sabotage of course!

Protect Your Mine!
Cut barter deals with factions to defend your mine and repair it.

Fill Faction Orders
Factions Orders can reward both faction favors and honor.

Buy Enchanted Drill Bits
To build your deck, drill for gold and buy enchanted drill bits from the vendor.

Barter With Factions for Offense Strikes
Lorendon is home to powerful factions with a wide variety of offensive capabilities.

How To Take The Crown
Win by getting to 50 Honor first with your Mine still standing or when only one Mine remains, the Dwarf with the highest Honor wins.

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