DEVOUR, the nature game with more bite!

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Brainstorm Games Press Release:

DEVOUR, the nature game with more bite

DEVOUR launches on Kickstarter Tuesday, October 4, 2022.

Do you enjoy Burgle Bros., Meadow, or Pokemon? If your answer is ‘yes’ to any of them, you will probably enjoy DEVOUR.

Professor of Art + Design at East Stroudsburg University of PA and owner of Brainstorm Games, David Mazure, will launch DEVOUR, a beautifully illustrated, scientifically accurate, family-friendly, fast-paced card game for 1-4 players. DEVOUR contains 3 unique games in one box: the 2-4 player dueling mode, the 2-player abstract strategy mode, and a solo/co-operative campaign mode. Experienced and new gamers, homeschoolers, teachers, and anyone who loves animals will enjoy this brand-new game about predator-prey relationships.

DEVOUR has been play-tested endlessly for smooth game play and high replayability. Marvel at over 60 unique wildlife illustrations by breakout artist George Pineda.

Kickstarter backers will receive a full copy of the game, which includes the following components, for $25: 170 full-color playing cards, 11 full-color, double-sided tokens, 1 engraved wooden die, 2 standees, 1 canvas drawstring bag with DEVOUR logo, 1 DEVOUR: PREY instruction booklet, 1 DEVOUR: FOREST FLOOR & OUTFOXED instruction booklet (both full-color), and at least one high-quality DEVOUR sticker. DEVOUR will be available on Tabletop Simulator during the campaign, so be sure to try before you buy!

10% of the proceeds from DEVOUR will be donated to an environmental non-profit organization. And, for every 10 copies purchased, one copy will be donated to a classroom, helping at-risk children.

About the game:

DEVOUR is a dynamic and didactic animal card game where the law of the land is eat or be eaten. Learn about predator-prey relationships, discover over 50 animals and their feeding habits, explore rare and unusual animal evasion abilities, and understand what it takes to survive in the forest.

In DEVOUR: PREY (2-4 player battle mode) you and your opponent(s) will take on the role of one of seven forest-dwelling creatures and feed upon as many of your opponents’ cards as you can. But, watch out for weather events that can drown your strategy. Bout after bout, compete for your survival. Establish the largest Feed Pile, propel yourself to the top of the food chain, and become a true apex predator!

In DEVOUR: OUTFOXED (2-player abstract strategy mode), you and an opponent will play as either conniving Crow or sly Red Fox. Utilize tokens and special card abilities to manipulate the Forest Floor to your advantage. Outwit and outlast your opponent while avoiding Bald Eagle and Black Bear who want you for dinner. Will Crow create enough chaos to thwart Red Fox, or will Red Fox’s cunning prevail?

In DEVOUR: FOREST FLOOR (co-op/solo campaign mode – perfect for parents with younger children!) you will explore the woods to find a decent meal for your family. But, the denizens of the Forest Floor will do everything in their power to make life as difficult for you as possible. Will you get stung by Yellow Jacket? Will Black Bear stop you in your tracks? Will your dinner simply escape your clutches? Capture your meal before Mountain Lion has YOU for dinner. Uncover animals with unique abilities, use guile to navigate the Forest Floor, and complete over 25 unique storyline scenarios ranging in difficulty from easy to impossible.

DEVOUR is a highly thematic, very portable game that you can take almost anywhere. A great way to start family game night, or take it camping, or even to the beach!

Game Details:

Number of Players: 1-4

Time Required to Play: 20 minutes

Recommended ages: 6+

Game weight: Varying difficulty levels

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