M.A.D tronics expanding the board game world

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Paul Hill is a product developer, a TV show creator and the CEO of M.A.D tronics. He was one of 4 winners in the DRG/CBC international game show creation competition. He was a finalist in the 2021 Pocket Gamer Mobile Gamers award for Best Innovation Product Competition. He has recently completed an augmented reality TV show “Augmented Gaming Battles” that was produced with the help of his AR headgear that works on land and underwater. The show will premiere November 12, 2022 on their YouTube channel.

Now M.A.D tronics will produce several AR board games based on the AR challenges from the show.

“AR Dangerous Artifacts“

Dr. Stacey Ayaan would like for you to go on an interactive treasure hunt to find the Olmec power stones. Your journey will be dangerous, and you should be careful not to get bit by all the dangerous creatures you will encounter on the way. Since all the players are after the same thing as you, trust no one because they might be the most dangerous of all.

This 4-person augmented reality board game is adding a new level to board gaming by bring the adventure to life. Not only do you see the AR challenges, but you will have to interact with them as well. 

You get the board game and pieces, and the AR app for android and iOS phones for $15. The game can be purchased from our website: www.madtronics.net.

This board game is based off of our augmented reality competition TV series “Augmented Gaming Battles” which will premiere on Youtube November 12, 2022.

“AR Dangerous Artifacts” AR interactive board game: https://youtu.be/GeGA_EoyUAo

The coolest part about M.A.D tronics’ board game is, you can actually play it underwater with some help from their M7 (underwater augmented reality headgear).

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