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RRP: £120
Player count: 2-4
Game duration: 1-2 hours
Ages: 14+

Black Metro is a strategic area control game where players battle
each other to amass power. Gather resources to research powerful
technologies, build fortifications and upgrade units. Control
districts through military strength and dominate your opponents.
Gain political influence through syndicate support and missions.

In the summer of 2020, amidst the lockdowns during the Covid-19
global pandemic; one lone and stoic, yet charismatic individual,
renowned amongst close friends for uncanny strategic and tactical
brilliance, embarked on a mission of grand proportions.
After 2 years of development, Black Metro was primed to
showcase at the 2022 UK Games Expo. Overwhelmingly positive
feedback, signalled the greenlight to advance the project toward a
physical print run, following the digital release on Steam PC.

Unique worker placement and area control hybrid
Workers have dual use: Winning spaces and using spaces
Winning spaces prevents other players from fully using them
Spread workers to use more spaces or consolidate for control
Powerful technologies to ‘mix and match’ playstyles
Minimal tokens for ease of gameplay management

Game Designer: Emesh De Zoysa
Artists: Diego Sanchez and Nathan Pool

For press kit, and other enquiries, please contact

Go Black Metro!

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