Pre-Order/Pre-Register Stone Age: Digital Edition!

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Hello! We are excited to share a special announcement from Acram Digital regarding our upcoming game, Stone Age: Digital Edition. This innovative digital adaptation of the beloved board game is now open for pre-order on iOS and pre-registration on Android platforms!

iOS –

Android –

As part of our commitment to excellence and transparency, we are offering exclusive access to the current beta tests to the press members. You can also receive full access to conduct a detailed review and coverage following the official launch.

Why Stone Age: Digital Edition?

Stone Age brings the strategic depth and engaging gameplay of the classic board game to digital platforms, offering an accessible yet challenging experience for players of all levels. With its rich visuals, intuitive interface, and faithful recreation of the original game’s mechanics, Stone Age: Digital Edition is poised to be a standout title in digital board gaming.

For press inquiries, additional information, and access to media assets, please email or simply respond to this message! We are available for interviews, previews, and to provide any further details you may need.

Thank you for your attention – we are eager to see your coverage and to welcome players into the rich, prehistoric world of Stone Age.

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