Meeple Inc coming to Gamefound!

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After the success of their last games, Solar 175 and Luddite, which raised over $260,000, Cogito Ergo Meeple are returning to Gamefound in March 2024 to fund the printing of their next game Meeple Inc. Meeple Inc is a Euro style worker placement game for 1 to 6 players. Meeple Inc sees you play as CEO of a board game production company using your meeples to build tiny tabletop games.


In Meeple Inc players take on the role of Board game publishers collecting the perfect mix of artwork, components and mechanisms to build the greatest board games in the world. Enter an alternate 1970’s where meeples and humans have co-existed for millennia. The mix of human ingenuity and meeple industriousness has created a new golden age of tabletop games and you are in the right place at the right time. As CEO of a board game production company, you will be assigning your meeples to jobs across the fabulous board game factory. You will be hiring specialists, crafting components and manufacturing mechanisms all in a bid to publish the most popular games, win tabletop awards and, of course, gain victory points.

Meeple Inc will be delivered with the highest quality of components people have come to expect from Cogito Ergo Meeple products. The base game will have tiny board game boxes, screen printed wooden tokens and triple layer indented miniature board game tables. These even come with their own felt linings! For those who back the Gamefound campaign, a separate deluxe box takes things even further with metal trophies, hundreds of custom wooden upgraded tokens, acrylic standees and even a full wooden board game shelving unit!

Meeple Inc is a fast paced worker placement style game which is quick to learn but offers a rich depth of experience in the gameplay. A huge design emphasis was placed on replayability. With multiple paths to victory, a wide player count and nearly 70,000 unique starting conditions, no two games will ever be the same!

Meeple Inc’s Gamefound campaign will also see the release of the Golden Pear expansion, this will add even more complexity and nuance into games of Meeple Inc. Adding further replayability and more deluxe components including metal miniature pear awards.

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