Top Pop The Boardgame of The 1960s Soda Rush Live On Kickstarter

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Surprise, AZ – Talon Strikes Studios launched their new game Top Pop designed by Mark McGee and Joshua J. Mills on July 13th. Reviewers have described Top Pop as packing more careful planning and strategy than you would expect from the small box explaining that Top Pop is a rewarding strategic game despite its compact size and comparative simplicity to pick up and play. The minimum goal of the campaign is set at $10,000 and full copies of Top Pop start at just $25.

The commercial availability of carbonated soft drinks can be traced back as far as the 1700s, however; it wasn’t until the swinging sixties that these drinks took America by storm. Instead of just getting the refreshing drink over the counter as in yesteryears the soda companies have bottled their sensational soft drinks. These bottles are showing up in all of the major cities — in grocery stores and vending machines. Top Pop Takes place in the midst of this soda rush with players competing to be the dominant company by marketing their drinks across America. Top Pop draws on pop art inspirations and 60s aesthetics and whilst plastic bottle caps feature as a key in game component recreating the collecting of soda bottle caps which rose to popularity at the time!

Theme: Soda Drinks, Advertising, 1960s Pop Art
Number of Players: 2 to 5 Players
Playing Time: 30 – 60 Minutes
Ages: 12 and up
Core Mechanics: Area Control, Resource Management, Set Collection/ Card Drafting

Top Pop can be found on Kickstarter here:

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