Death Roads: All Stars board game has started! Kickstarter campaign launched!

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Wroclaw-based game studio, The Knights of Unity, is delighted to announce the Kickstarter campaign of their latest project, the board game Death Roads: All Stars. The campaign started on July 15 and will last for 13 days. Its end is scheduled for July 27.

During this time, all the surprises of Death Roads: All Stars will be shown, like new drivers and cars. Each day, the campaign will reveal its components by showing additional content. The backers will also be able to influence which items will be included in the core box and which will be included in the expansions.

A full trailer has also been revealed, which is available during the Kickstarter campaign. You can see it here. People who support the project within the first 24 hours will also receive a free expansion.

Death Roads: All Stars is a crazy race in which players take on the role of drivers of armed cars and fight with each other for survival. Only victory counts, and the reward is the right to live in a true paradise on Earth.

Death Roads: All Stars is a board game that combines competition, cards and fast driving. The gameplay has been prepared in such a way as to effectively and attractively reflect the real race – you can change gears, skid or land on the side of the road.

The game is turn-based and allows players to demonstrate their tactical sense while still being fast and surprising. The title is intended for people over 14 years of age and is dedicated to 2-4 players. The average duration of the game is 45-60 minutes.

You can support the Death Roads: All Stars campaign here:

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