Thunk Board Games Releases “Don’t Let It Die” Digitally on Android via Google Play Store

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Los Angeles, CA, 5/28/2024 – Thunk Board Games, an industry leader in indie tabletop gaming, is thrilled to announce the digital release of their acclaimed board game “Don’t Let It Die” on the Android platform via the Google Play Store.

Thunk Board Games, under the leadership of Dustin Hendrickson, combines traditional gaming elements with innovative design principles from the digital realm. Hendrickson, a seasoned gamer and programmer with extensive experience in game design, has steered Thunk Board Games to the forefront of the industry, offering games that ensure depth and replayability.

“Don’t Let It Die,” a prehistoric survival board game, seamlessly transitions from its physical form to a captivating digital experience. The game offers a dramatic solo adventure with strategic depth, blending tribe building, resource management, and adaptability into a compact, engaging, and replayable experience.

Set in a prehistoric world, the adventure begins with a momentous event: a lightning strike igniting a lone tree, bestowing your tribe with the invaluable gift of fire. This monumental discovery becomes the cornerstone of your survival. Players are immersed in a world where the fate of their tribe hangs in the balance, faced with the relentless threats of hunger, predators, and the unforgiving elements of a bygone era.

In “Don’t Let It Die,” the battle to keep the flame alive against all odds adds a vital layer to your strategic considerations. Will you prioritize gathering food, fueling the ever-hungry flame, or crafting vital tools and weapons? Each decision is critical, potentially spelling the difference between the prosperity and extinction of your tribe.

“Don’t Let It Die” is now available for download on the Google Play Store. Dive into this prehistoric adventure and ensure the survival of your tribe through strategic decision-making and resource management.

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