¿Cuántos Tacos? A fast-paced, mouth-watering game for the whole family!

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Liberty, Missouri USA

Dated: 04/10/2024

A fast-paced, mouth-watering game for the whole family!
“¿Cuántos Tacos?”


Bonka Games, founded and created by Rachel Mayne in 2022, is excited to unveil its latest creation, ¿Cuántos Tacos?, which is set to be published through an upcoming Kickstarter funding campaign. Inspired by a passion for games and a love for tacos, Rachel Mayne embarked on a journey to create a unique gaming experience that brings together family and friends for a fast-paced, dice-chucking fiesta.

¿Cuántos Tacos? is the brainchild of Rachel Mayne, whose inspiration for the game stems from her love for tacos and the joy of playing games with her husband. Combining elements from their favorite games, Rachel embarked on the journey of designing her first game prototype. After a year of rigorous playtesting and tweaking, the final product, ¿Cuántos Tacos?, promises to deliver endless fun and excitement for players of all ages.

Described as a fast-paced, dice-chucking fiesta, ¿Cuántos Tacos? invites players to compete against each other in a race to make as many tacos as possible. With every roll of the dice, players must strategize to fulfill taco orders worth various points, keeping the game engaging and unpredictable.

In ¿Cuántos Tacos?, players take turns rolling six dice, each representing tortillas, proteins, toppings, and sauces. Players have the flexibility to keep or re-roll dice to complete their taco orders, while also utilizing bonus actions such as re-rolling or locking dice on other players’ turns. The game continues through a set number of rounds, with points awarded for completed taco orders and deducted for incomplete ones. The player with the most points at the end emerges as the winner, making every game session a thrilling competition.

Bonka Games, founded by Rachel Mayne in 2022, is a game development company dedicated to creating innovative and entertaining tabletop games for families and friends to enjoy. With a passion for creativity and a commitment to quality, Bonka Games aims to deliver memorable gaming experiences that bring people together.

For more information and reviews, please visit www.BonkaGames.com.
Kickstarter prelaunch page: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/rachelmayne/cuantos-tacos-a-dice-chucking-fiesta-for-the-whole-family

To join the taco-making fiesta and learn more about ¿Cuántos Tacos?, visit our website at www.BonkaGames.com. Get ready to roll the dice, assemble your tacos, and compete for taco supremacy!

For media enquiries about Bonka Games Contact:
Rachel Mayne Founder & CEO
Phone: (816) 223-6033

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