Thrashed – An 18 card solo game!

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A lunatic has trapped 6 individuals in a 6 story building and is hunting them down. Can you move the people from floor to floor to avoid the attacks and match up the weapons they’ll need to defend themselves? With each attack your wounded players are limited by how far they can move. And with each attack the lunatic takes some of your supplies. Defeat the killer and you win but can you get all 6 people out alive?

This is a solo only game that comes in a slim pocket case. Great for a game on the go with a theme that will draw you in.

$10 gets you the game on Kickstarter. We’re a new board game publisher but this one is a fully complete game, just need the funding to order the games. We also have multiple other 18 card solo games ready to go after this one. So click the Kickstarter link and help us get this off the ground!

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