Luddite: Coming

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After the success of their last game, Solar 175, which raised over $220,000, Cogito Ergo Meeple are returning to Kickstarter this summer to fund the printing of their next game Luddite. Luddite is a roll and write style campaign game with a fully integrated graphic novel! This stand alone game is set within the same vast dystopian sci fi universe as their previous creation Solar 175.


Luddite is set in Yurushi, a sprawling Metropolis and Earth’s largest city. You play as a young engineer who has recently been laid off by the Niven Megacorporation. Like many millions of others, this means a move back to the Saitama Slums, a vast wasteland, populated by the new ‘useless classes’ made unemployable by the adoption of artificial intelligence powered automata.

You are recruited by the charismatic leader Red Ludd who is assembling a resistance to this mass obsolescence, a group known simply as the Luddites. In Luddite you and your team will be using your engineering skills to hack into these automata and cripple their systems. Revenge for being cast aside and a reprieve for the millions of workers who are still to lose their livelihoods, but beware, the mega corporations did not get to this position playing fair. Those caught in acts of sabotage will not be treated kindly or fairly by the system.

Luddite is a campaign game which follows the narrative of a custom made graphic novel of the same name. Featuring hundreds of beautiful pieces of art by the talented Adam Beachey, Luddite is playable solo, or multiplayer and can be played cooperatively or competitively. The campaign can be reset and replayed indefinitely and the game allows for an unlimited number of players to take part. Luddite gameplay fuses classic roll and write mechanisms with a novel, push your luck style system. Players must race against the clock to damage the AI systems and get out before the countermeasures can kick in.

Featuring premium components such as metal coins, a custom dice tray and chunky 25mm dice, Luddite offers a quality tabletop production for the low price of only £35, but Luddite will also be offered as a cost effective print and play for only £4! There will also be a full digital port of the game offered for only £8! All options give you access to the full Luddite experience with all game maps and the graphic novel included.

Number of Players: 1 – 99

Time per Game: 20 – 40 minutes

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