Death Roads: All Stars is a new board game from the creators of Scythe: Digital Edition

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Wrocław-based game studio from Poland, The Knights of Unity, is entering the board game market as a new publisher. They also announced their debut project, called Death Roads: All Stars.

Death Roads: All Stars is a crazy race in which players take on the role of drivers of armed cars and fight with each other for survival. Only the victory matters, and the reward is the right to live in a true paradise on Earth.

Such a high stake means that all tricks are allowed. Therefore, in Death Roads: All Stars, players use a rich arsenal of weapons in the form of cards, the abilities of their drivers, and the board itself to win. However, one should watch out for random events on the road and keep in mind the unpredictable mechanics of the skid – they can change the fate of the race!

This year the Kickstarter campaign starts, and the creators count on the support of the community! They want to create a product on a “from players to players” basis, so they wish players will help to improve Death Roads: All Stars.

In addition to releasing Death Roads: All Stars, The Knights of Unity is also working on a digital version of the game – Death Roads: Tournament. It will be a natural evolution of the original idea, with a few surprises in the form of roguelike elements and deck-building mechanics. If you are a fan of Slay the Spire, you will definitely like the dangerous roads of Death Roads: Tournament.

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