Weird Giraffe Games Launches 11th Kickstarter, Way Too Many Cats

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Weird Giraffe Games Launches 11th Kickstarter, Way Too Many Cats

February 25th, 2022. Weird Giraffe Games is proud to announce their 11th Kickstarter, Way Too Many Cats, designed by WGG Publisher and game designer Carla Kopp. The game was inspired by Carla’s experiences at animal shelters, her love for cats and spatial puzzles, and her time fostering cats and kittens.

In Way Too Many Cats, each player utilizes competitive drafting and spatial puzzles as they run their own animal shelter. Players work to ensure that every cat is happy so that they can find a home more quickly. Every cat wants something different, and some cats are pickier than others, which can make pleasing them quite a task. The spatial puzzle is about determining where the cats should go in a player’s adoption center (their player board) in relation to other cats and the board’s layout.

Kittens are also at the agency in the form of tokens. The kittens are high risk, high reward – you don’t want to get overrun! The kittens must be in sets; if they are, players can score big points, if not, players will get negative points at the end of the game. Players must balance happy adult cats and kitten sets in order to get the best score.

Way Too Many Cats is Carla Kopp’s 4th Kickstarter title as a designer. Her previous titles are Super Hack Override (2016), Stellar Leap (2018) and Roar and Write! An Animal Kingdoms Game (2022). She also has several titles to be released by other board game publishers in the future, and has helped with game development on a number of games, both from Weird Giraffe Games and other publishers.

Illustration for Way Too Many Cats was done by Illyse Hines and Maria Gabriela Patiño. Jay Bell, Maria Gabriela Patiño, and Jon Merchant are the graphic designers. .

The game launched on Kickstarter on February 22nd, 2022 and will be on Kickstarter until March 18th, 2022. The Kickstarter will have several levels of support, including a special level where backers have the opportunity to have their cat in the game. Inquiries and press contacts can be directed to Carla Kopp, at

See more information about Way Too Many Cats on the Weird Giraffe Games’ website

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