D&D stands for Dungeons and Dragons, but Ice Dice from The Boardgame Zone is hoping to change that.

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TBGZ is a small team of industrial designers from London. The designers, hope the Ice Dice maybe offer up an alternative meaning to the abbreviation D&D

“Adventuring has a lot to do with a good old quaff of ale. Players will often meet in
taverns to pick up new quests or just spend some time getting their strength back. We
also noticed that many mature gamer are also collectors and as such many of them
appreciate other fine things like say a nice bottle of malt whisky. That’s where the idea
for Ice Dice came from. We’d previously come across obsidian whisky stones, which is a bit of a craze at the moment and then when were deciding on the material for our
latest dice collection we saw that Obsidian was a potential option.”TBGZ Team.

The Ice Dice is made from food-safe obsidian, each die in the set makes an ideal companion to a nice scotch, a cool cocktail or even just a glass of Pepsi, as the solid obsidian won’t bleed into the drink.

Both dies in the two dice set are frost monster themed. The IceDragon takes its name
and style from a fearsome beast and the LichKing die, sports designs from one of
mythology’s most feared villains.

We’re seriously hoping their Ice Dice notches up another success in the company’s
impressive Kickstarter run, but they’re keen to show their fun side too. The Ice Dice
campaign ably shows off the company’s sense of humour ably lampooning the gaming community in good old friendly fashion.

Their Kickstarter campaign: ICE DICE BABY! Food-Safe Dice for Drinking and Dungeons has already surpassed its original funding goals, and there is still time for consumers to be a part of the community at exclusive pre-order discount.

If you would like to know more about Ice Dice, the Kickstarter campaign or The
Boardgame zone in general, please reach out at theboardgamezone@outlook.com.

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